CSN Halcyon Days.


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I remember in maths class with magilla, some guy was tapping his maths set in those tin boxes. Magilla then grabs the box, throws it on the ground, jumps up and down several times and hands it back to the student. Utter lunacy!

Mr twomey I had for science, he was from donoughmore I think? Nice guy but a total bogger! Even by his gait, you can tell he was from the schtix!
Mick Twomey sound man, didn’t know much about Science, when the going got tough he used to run down to Dan Sweeney to get the answers.
There was another fella up there.. a French teacher. Christy “ Jelly” o Connor.
He seemed to live in the shadow of Ma Murph and Goretti Keane and had trouble getting the old tape reel going for the French book in the language lab.
Nice guy though.


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What about Ma Melons she was quite the character. She used to teach religion I think, her idea of Religion and that of Brother Eugene were worlds apart. She used to enjoy the adulation thanks to Cow and Gate


Darragh Lee

Dwyers Of Cork, Tomorrow @ 9:30pm

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