Cork Limerick Motorway

None of the establishment parties, SF/FF/FG/Labour have done anything of note for Cork: SF use this to fit their multi national “sit on the fence and bitch about everything” policy as per normal.

“Dinnybots” “Crooked Hillary,” “FFG” “Mainstream Media,” all that kind of bolloxollogy works when you’re trying to build a populist movement around your crackpot policies.

The rest of the political establishment take it in turns to give SF material

Dinnybot Drucker trying waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard - SF the very first in his list of establishment parties :lol:
I was on the road just getting into the city limits and on one of the bridges there was a bit if grafitti saying no to the M20. There are many sections of the road from Mallow to Limerick with memorials and plaques of fatalities.
Lads i was home recently and from the airport I had to drive through Charleville. WTF is going on there?? The whole town was at a complete standstill. I thought I had got caught up on a delayed St. Patrick's Day Parade. Literally from each side of the town at the town limits it was bumper to bumper traffic. There are two relief roads there too and I'm sure they were chocca. That motorway needs to come sooner rather than later for commuters to both cities. Buttevant was ok.
The Complete Stone Roses
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1st Aug 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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