Cork Hurlers - Part 2


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A few points regards our potential championship line up

I’m still not convinced but we are where we are so Patrick will be in goal

Full Back Line
We are well served in the corners with Sean, Niall and now Conor O Callaghan after last night but it’s full back where the real question marks are. Eoin done very well last night, Robert the same last week and Damien for years. I still want to see Daire O Leary get a few games here when he’s back but will he get that chance now?

Half Back Line
Joyce will be 6 but his two wing men are still a mystery, we have too many possible options if anything. Tommy & Damien done well last night, Rob Downey & Tim have the physique, Eoin Downey and Ethan are live options and Ger Millerick and Daire O Leary when they return will be in the mix

Whoever plays midfield between Luke, Brian Sull, Ethan, Tommy and Fitzy they will have to be paired with a more physical presence. Brian Roche is a possibility for that role but I’m not sure he yet has the experience for there unless paired with Luke or Darragh. The sooner Tim returns the sooner we know if the selectors have him earmarked for 8.

Half Foward Line
We need two ball winners on the wings who will physically stand up to their opponents and allow our hurling 11 to do damage. With Robbie’s injury I suspect it will be Lehane or possibly Fitzy as that 11 and I would play 2 from Tim, Dalton, Brian Roche, Brian Hayes and Sean Twomey on the wings. Get a good 40 minutes out of our two and then unleash the speed of the likes of Kingston for the last half hour.

Full Foward Line
Must be built around Hoggy if he maintains last nights performance. If Robbie is missing we must look at Jacko and Kingston for speed or Connolly for cunning. Brian Hayes looks tailor made for full foward with Sean, Tim or Deccie other options

Possible Team (without Robbie)

Patrick Collins
Sean O Donoghue - Eoin Downey - Niall O Leary
Ger Millerick - Ciaran Joyce - Robert Downey
Brian Roche - Luke Meade
Tim O Mahony - Darragh Fitzgibbon- Declan Dalton
Alan Connolly - Brian Hayes - Patrick Horgan
Cant argue with anything here Red, good summary, maybe Millerick to Corner Back instead of NOL with DC to wing back. I really like the idea of our wing forwards emptying the tank for 40mins and then unleashing our bench.
Some of the delivery into the forwards last night was brilliant and exactly what a lot wanted to see. Good direct low ball driven in front of the forwards or having them come narrow and delivering down the lines into space when they were favorites for it

A lot of encouraging play there, moving the ball far better now overall with loads of scope to improve it again

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