Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Correct , I meant Coughlan rather than O Neill but only time will tell us that.

Limerick are a proud hurling county and even though they went 44 without a title I don't know if they ever put out a team that wasn't competitive in all that time.

However, I am talking about having enough talent to win All Irelands.
Great hurling County who went through the toughest of times.. Eamon Cregan, Tom Ryan and Richie Bennie were some of the great men that kept the flag flying.. During the 44 years, Limerick sometimes went many years in a row without winning a single championship match but of course that was during the knockout era. As an example, I think after they shocked Cork in 01 which was their first win since 1997 they went a longtime again before they won another match.
The current achievements are remarkable.
Best keeper in Cork by far. Wouldn't be surprised if he's a multiple all star over the next few seasons

Depends on what it is you're looking for from your keeper I guess.

Dropping the ball into your own net from a lob struck from the opposition's own 70 doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Taking short pucs to defenders put immediately under pressure, or directly to opponents isn't great either. He might well be the best keeper currently in the Cork panel. I don't think he's the best keeper in Cork by far.

It's all about opinions though.
North Cork

There's a big difference even in the type of player between Colin Coughlan and Cathal O'Neill.

You are a bit like Brendan Cummins regarding 'experience'. Cork have Sean O'Donoghue, Darragh Fitz, Conor Lehane and Hoggy with loads of experience, how many more does the team need. Give me a guy with hurling and pace over experience any day. If Damien Cahalane's experience was key to.his own game his discipline would surely have improved. There is a good chance he will be wing-back come championship but it shouldn't be ahead of Ger Millerick if both are fit.

Depending on equal form and fitness, I'd agree with this.
Cork have plenty experience at this stage. We can pick the six best backs now rather than five and someone to guide them through.
That's not hatred, or anything personal.
They're all things Nickie Quaid has done too. Go back when Quaid was around Collins age, very similar. Collins has dropped one ball into net, most goalies have a soft one at some stage. For some reason cork goalkeepers get a lot of stick within the county but those outside of county hold them in high regard. I know lads from other counties who really rate Collins
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