Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Opened hurling thread. Scrolled through 6/7 pages of God only knows what. Any chance of wrapping it up so I won't have to the same again in an hour.
Happy to. Be interesting to see what new faces appear on Saturday night. Quite a few playing Fitzgibbon this week so could end up being an experienced team put out.
“Every fella is driving on, we’re getting a buzz off each other and a buzz off the positivity around the whole group. It’s a great place to go. When I go to work in the morning I’m thinking, ‘I can’t wait to go training tonight’, and that’s always a good place to be.”

Good to hear Hoggy!
Sean O'D said something along the same lines after the Munster League final.

Hopefully we see that translate to performances on the pitch over the next month.
Just posting to help draw a line under the nonsense that the 2 are posting! Maybe it’s the one person with two accounts because it’s hard to believe real people would carry on like that.

Looking forward to the league kicking off this weekend and hopefully we can build a team to be proud of this season. Certainly last year was a season to forget apart from a few moments a surprise win versus Waterford that got things back on track. We’ve got the management team that most people here wanted, so that’s a good start.
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