Cork Footballers

The covered stand in Killarney is on sale again. Adults and juveniles (only €5 for Juveniles).

Now, there's no rain forecast, so people might not be so interested in the stand anyway. Can be handy for children tho.
Odds are for sure against us Rebel CNC, 15/2, with 8 pts the handicap.

Probably justified on viewing Dublin v Meath last weekend where a top Division 1 team played a mid table Div 2 team.

We are not without hope based on the competitive game in the park last year and they wo nt be firing full tilt either. Foley if not "risked", gives them a headache as to whom to place on Corbett. If Morley goes to him then that offers an opportunity for Cork to attack the Kerry defence down the middle. It may also offer Cork something different at #11 if brave enough, to get a kicker there instead of Powter, i would like to see Brian Hurley or Mark Cronin there, both capable of shooting from distance and also kick passing from out the field, we will need to mix it up particularly in favorable conditions.

I am really interested in how mgt will approach this game. Best of luck to our lads and all involved. We will beat them in killarney at some point why not now.
You wouldn’t start Powter ?
Heard a whisper that we might see Cathail O’Mahony on the 26 for Saturday. Anyone else hear likewise? Would be a massive boost.
Had heard he was back fully running and the timeline was April originally. Be surprised to see him in action, surely will be minded. Have some serious inside options once he is fully fit again.
Just had a look at the Kerry GAA forum. Their game against Cork is generating very few contributions.

They must think it is a foregone conclusion. Hard to blame them, I suppose.
Lets get real here if we play against Kerry the way we played against Limerick this will be a 15 point plus game to Kerry !
Not if they play like they played against Clare though.
Those games have no bearing on Saturday in reality, both teams just needed to win.
Would be very surprised if it is a 15pt game to Kerry though as I think we can put up a decent score against their defence, if we can limit them and keep it tight for 60mins then who knows.
Assuming there is no sign of a J Maloney or P Hughes or D Gough to tilt the game if we are in there with a shout...
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