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I can't understand why we went so conservative on Sunday. Our best football all year was when we were kicking in early to the forwards. Chris Og was getting on a world of ball. With or without Hurley we should have played this way.
Really can't believe the kickout strategy. I had been hoping that management might have been keeping something up their sleeve here for championship. I thought, ok, they have one kickout now which works, which is load up one-side and kick long there. And now we can layer on that with some new alternative kicks. Obviously not.
This single kickout strategy is an absolute joke.
For this fact and no other, the entire management team, and goalies + players involved in kickouts need to hang their heads in shame. An absolute bucket of shit of a kickout strategy.
Did not one of them think to speak up and say for fuck sake lads, we're playing intercounty, is this the extent of our kickout strategy???!!!
Seriously like.
Somebody speak up. If everyone of us here can see how bad it is, then at least some of coaches + players must see it also. None of them have the balls to speak up about it and demand better???
Or maybe they have and frustration has led to certain players leaving panel. Mark and Sean White, Brian Hartnett being some examples.
remarkably upbeat JF.

optimism bordering on fantasy
What I’m saying is that any management team worth their salt could use this period for a real reset and review, personally don’t believe it will happen and we will end up in the tailteann cup getting beaten in a quarter final in some shit hole like portlaoise or mullingar on a Saturday evening by some random midlands team
For example sorting the kickout means dropping the current keeper and that won’t happen
Cork Footballers, like Mayo, like Spurs you can never ever trust them to produce when expected.
Having said all that, we have definitely improved a bit this year, haven't we ?
No, we have given fuck all game time to younger players who need it instead going for older players who shouldn’t have been brought back and probably won’t be there next year, in addition while fitter we have shown ourselves to be at best tactically naive
Just a few comments on what i saw last Sunday,
1. Collins beat Cleary hands down on Sunday
2.Kick out strategy a joke blame Cleary but the keeper must take a lot of the game. O hanlon was on win about 20 minutes to go but not once did a kick out go his way.
3.Pewter marked out of the game and we did nothing about it.
Just reading the posts from the informed people here (ignoring the unfiltered horsesh*t that seems to go unchecked for some reason) 2 questions come to mind having not seen the game or knowing the inner workings.

1.Were Cork seriously going with Walsh's Galway 2018 kickout plan of just lumping it long to a wing and trying to win the break? I doubt you'd win an Intermediate club title with that strategy.

2.Where is Darragh Cashman? He was outstanding in the Sigerson cup and looked like a ready-made county player or panelist at the very least. He's what 21 this year, so well hairy enough to be in there. Unless injured I fail to understand that.

Beyond that, the result wasn't a huge surprise to me when Brian Hurley and Cathal O'Mahony were missing especially. Clare should have beaten Dublin and Kildare in the League and were in Ennis where nobody comes out of easily. I don't think this needs to be an enormous setback for Cork if they keep the head but it's a tough one to get back into training after I'd imagine.
Such is the ridiculousness of the current league/provincial/AI format, this can be spun to become a positive for the players once we get over the initial dip in mood following a defeat like that, and, once we get into AI.
As someone else stated, it would now only 6 games to play instead of 8, for us to get to AI final (not saying we are getting there).
We also avoid a potential drubbing by Kerry in Killarney.
And we have 6 weeks now to hopefully:
1. Get a couple of Hurley, Cathail, Flahive, Corkery, Gore back fit.
2. Work on kickouts.

If we do nothing but work on alternative kickouts for the next 4 or 5 weeks, it won't be time badly spent.
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