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3 years ago we went man on man against a better dublin team and with 10 minutes to go we were only 3 points behind i would expect some of the same again on Saturday.
i would make minimal changes with Meehan in for Dineen and Taylor the extra man in defence ,i would play Hayes @ midfield and C O Callaghan in the half forward line instead of MC Sweeny.
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Brian Hayes is still v young great prospect...I would have liked Brian Hartnett to be there a big loss there is bit of edge to him.. one of the many injured of course.
Liam O Donovan the standout from clon who inevitably will play next year. Off the bat now, having watched a lot of club games through the great work of the examiner for me two of the best defenders in the club championship were Sam Ryan - Barrs and Sean Wilson - Douglas. Neither of whom are involved and add David Lowney to that list you are missing top talent
Thought he was showing serious promise back in 2018/19 as a tight corner back, but hasn't seemed to be involved the past few years . Has he been injured?
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