Cork city has gone to the dogs.

The city centre and nearby outer areas are not safe currently. I do my best to avoid it where possible - although walking to and from work in the city means I that get to see what goes on 5 days a week.

Two of my colleagues have had the terrible misfortune of happening upon dead bodies in one of our doorways - both drug-related deaths, separate occasions. Grim.

One of the security people that lock up was attacked by a fella armed with a knife and totally out of his mind - only for the fact that the security company has a rule that two people have to be present to shut the place up, it could have been a lot worse. The attacker - as far as I know - was charged but never went to prison.

There is a serious lack of Garda presence on the streets - no real beat walking - and what there is out on the streets totally ineffectual and/or apathetic. Cops are just walking past incidents in broad daylight.

How your man is still getting away with the open drug dealing on Barrack St. day and night is beyond me.

I am, by no means, a shrinking wallflower and I grew up in a less salubrious parts of the Northside but if I'm in town at night for a few pints or a gig nowadays then I'll get a bus or taxi home whereas 5 years ago I would have walked without a second thought - no matter what time it was or what state I was in. The odds of getting in a scrap or stabbed for no reason haven't been this high since the 1990s.

A shrinking Violet.

I read all you said and I agree.

Was thinking of heading out there with someone... Dunno now.

Belfast is safe?
I took a stroll into town today to purchase some bacon from Tom Bradley.

Town was a weird cocktail of crustys with Palestine flags, butch lesbians in Ireland jerseys, and sheep shaggers on weekend release from the valleys.

Now all the pubs are full of lads cheering for a French rugby team.

A very strange afternoon.
Big Anime convention in UCC today.

For reasons unknown to me, I assumed that would be your sort of thing.
The city centre is a kip but that's not going to improve when you've a party trying to get into government who are only interested in pushing a united Ireland agenda which would make Ireland a more dangerous place than any of us have experienced in our lifetime with the exception of SoundMan who was here when the Vikings invaded

Gowanyalanger - The city centre by your own admission is a kip but it's not going to improve if a different government to the one that has seen it deteriorate for years, gets in.

Keep doing the same thing and expect things to improve MOE - kinda sums you up I'm afraid
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