Cork city has gone to the dogs.

It’s another fact those involved in active sports generally do better in exams than those who don’t Also surveys done in several oz schools over the years found that kids partaking in TMS meditation all done better than those schools that didn’t Incidents of violence and misbehaving kids went down aswell So lots of factors Kids in sports have more cop on and are disciplined

What 'facts' are those?

If you're playing Harty cup or Munster senior cup you have massive time commitments that will invariably eat into study time.

Sport is grand but not to the detriment of school work. There's plenty of time for the former later on.
I mean did any of us wait until we were 18 to drink? Pint bottle of Bulmers with a straw was what I was up to or Malibu with orange juice if I was in a night club, all before I was 18. I mean I went to college at 17 and wasn't ever asked for ID. The youth of today have far more cop on than us 90's teenagers.
I started at 17. First night involved 3 pints of Guinness in a pub in Washington St which was known for serving under 18s. Was well langers afterwards.
Cork city and suburb pubs tended to be far stricter about serving underage lads & lassies back in the late 1970s/early 1980s.
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Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

26th Oct 2023 @ 7:00 pm
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