Carrying a knife.

Would be difficult to enforce from a legislative perspective I’d imagine but they need to do something. Another young fella stabbed in Carrigaline last night. The 3rd knive attack in a month with 1 fatally. You would wonder what makes a young man or woman pack a knive before leaving home


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I sometimes have a Swiss Army pen-knife with me. Handy things to have from time to time. Blade is only about three inches long


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Trying to remember way back growing up was their not a law a blade over a certain length you could be done for by the law or maybe an urban myth.

Dr. Aaoouh

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Here in God’s country (the United Fucking States of Fucking America) in my home state of Illinois, if one has a gun license (available for $10 online), one can not only carry a knife, one can carry a switchblade. Apparently, there is a switchblade rights organization because America Fuck Yeah!
Often read court cases where a feen is caught with a knife, Excuses include ... I was peeling spuds for my nan and forgot i had the knife in my pocket,

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