Bus Connects Plan

When exactly can local and national politicians publicly welcome this plan and then start to object to elements of this plan for improved bus connectivity etc?
However, TD Thomas Gould has spoken out about the plan being "unworkable" due to the impact it would have on some of the busiest roads on the Northside in Cork city, as he says it would cause "traffic chaos."
“This includes the proposal to ban through traffic on both Cathedral road and Old Youghal road. I raised this with the NTA today - these are two of the busiest roads on the Northside and there will be traffic chaos with this plan," TD Gould commented.

I am very confident that Tommy Gould does not even know what a bus is never mind even actually understanding the proposal to increase public transport use to stop the traffic congestion that he moans about.

The roads are busy because the public transport option is currently stuck in traffic and need to be improved.

We really do elect some morons at times and they have to say something about everything to get attention I suppose.
JJ Walshs, 64 Oliver Plunkett St.

9th Mar 2024 @ 10:00 pm
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