Are these guaranteed?

Also, what are their charges?
N26 is German, so it's governed by German banking laws. Revolut, not so sure. I bank with N26 and it's great. The only downside is that my salary hits my account a day later. Not an issue for me, but could be for others if you have standing orders or DDs set up for the start of the month.
Banks and bankers are finished.

It is all going or gone online already.

The days of crawling up the South Mall to some greasy twat in a cheap suit begging for a loan with his nice office and company car parked outside that you yourself will end up paying for are over.

These fellahs are now working in Aldi or Lidl and have been replaced by tech.
I got a car loan from Jimmy Barry Murphy years ago. He worked for the Ulster Bank.
I can't remember the condition of his suit.
Are these guaranteed?

Also, what are their charges?
Yes and they have no charges bar for ATM withdrawals, which are hefty.

Ulster Bank are gone now and they were one of the worst and their I.T. system was worse than the H.S.E.'s
Ah my loan was approximately 1,000 years age, well the late 70s. All paper.
Long gone from the Ulster bank.

Revolut and the like is killing retail banking, thank f*ck.
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