Emotional scenes on Ashe live on Eurosport.

If only he had won Wimbledon that time.

One of the most limited players ever to win a grand slam. Canon fodder for Fed & the gang.

He just wasn't good enough to win that Wimbledon, even though I was supporting him on the day. You just always knew that Fed would up his game and send the A Rod packing, yet again.

Apart from the A Rod serve, very much a B player.
A limited player at the very highest level but I feel like he was another victim of this era. Wouldn't it be safe to say he was as good a player as Krajicek, Ivanisevic, and Stich who all won at Wimbledon? Going against Rafa, Roger and Novak would have been too much for them too.

Whatever he got a Grand Slam, a smoking wife, and made a load of money. Legs up at 30. How bad?
It was fairly emotional stuff alright. I always liked Roddick, even though he must be the most braindead player on the tour in terms of his tactical play.

Would have been nice to see him get to the quarters and go out to a sell out crowd on centre court though.
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