2022 Intermediate A football

Do we think double is on this yr for either Kilshannig or Mtown/Ballygiblin? I reckon whoever wins the football will do the double
Hard to say but both on a good run of results of late.
Kilshannig will need to up it a notch or 2 in the football but they're starting to hit form going by 2nd half today and looking like they are starting to know their strongest 15.
They're meeting a young Killavullen side playing great stuff at the moment in the hurling who are well capable.

Ballygiblin will do well to win hurling against Russell rovers but are capable.

Overall the split season seems to be a great success for club championship imo.
Teams know when they're playing and can get on a run. Lots of games to get to every weekend
He’ll be grand. Very quiet lad by all accounts.

Main problem is lack of cuteness!!

He’s very laid back and has been told by coaches at all levels that he needs to up the intensity levels.
Keane would be described similarly from what I've heard. Never in any trouble off the pitch. People change crossing that white line.
Mark Keane is a really nice lad but sometimes the red mist does come down when he plays.
Mind you he does get plenty of attention but needs to learn to deal with that.

Winning while playing badly is not a bad habit.

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