Christy Ring

PROC & Garreth Joyce

Camden Place / Christy Ring Bridge, Cork City

Winner of 8 All-Ireland hurling medals with Cork (in a time before the 'back door' system allowed losing provisional teams a second chance), Christy Ring (1920 - 1979) is regarded as the best hurler of all time. He hurled for both his native Cloyne club and later for the highly successful Glen Rovers on the city's northside. The art location was chosen for it's immediate proximity to Christy Ring Bridge. A tradition has emerged since the building of the bridge (1987) that sees victorious Glen Rovers teams stop on the southside of the bridge and carry their trophies and cups over the bridge on foot to the northside, before boarding the bus again on the other side! The Christy Ring quotation on the box reads "Don't ever take your eye off the ball, even when it's in the referree's pocked".

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