Your Mental Health

I would if I knew how to.
Lie or sit in a comfortably, I find lying in bed better. Breath In through the nose normally and follow and focus on the breath down to your lungs.
Pause for just a second and leave out your breath through the nose again, follow and focus on the breath and pause again on the exhale for a second.
It can be uncomfortable breathing in and out of the nose for first few minutes but you will adapt quickly.
Do this for about 5 minutes. See if you can count to 10 in your mind without a single thought of any sort coming into the mind.You probably will not get to more than 5 seconds without a thought entering. When this happens just return to zero and repeat. If you do manage to get to 10 then just return to zero.
The objective is you are focused on just your breath and nothing else.
After following this procedure for 5 to 10 minutes shift your attention to the tip of your nose ,notice if you can feel the tip of your nose,stay with this for a minute.
Shift your attention then to your right hand, can you feel your right hand ?, stay with this feeling. Shift attention left hand ,can you feel your left hand?
After doing this for 5 minutes refocus back to following your inhale and exhale. By now you may feel a "fuzzy", " "floating " , sensation. It will last as long as you wish but fades, with practice it lasts longer and longer .
The whole process is about 20 minutes but you may click and enjoy the process so much you could nearly get an hour.
An hour on "no thought". Bliss.

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