Wuhan Wheeze

Apologies, I can explain it more for you.Its not Dan Wootton who is being interviewed it's one of the UKs top cardiologists,he himself was one of the first to take the shots. Hope that makes it easier for you.👍
He’s also been accused of disinformation by the British Heart Foundation for claiming without any supporting clinical evidence that statins do not reduce the risk of heart disease and that high fat diets are good for you.

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That fear of a spike in cases when schools returned never materialised.
Perhaps it may happen yet along with flu season but so far so good.
Id say there is a spike, it's just not being reported, number of people have COVID in work, still coming to work with masks, others probably have it and don't realise it.
The current variant isn't too severe so people are just carrying on.
Probably nothing unexpected there, it is known for years that maternal antibodies are passed to the newborn in maternal colostrum, which passes a version of the mothers immune system to the newborn. It cannot be a surprise that vaccine RNA would be any different.
Fecking Reuters ,they should do a factcheck on this kind if misinformation.

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