Would you go on the telly?

Not a hope.

Sometimes I look at the people on Winning Streak with their teddy bear mascots and the massive wave that they do to the camera when they're going through the run through of the contestants and I cringe. Irish Granny TV at it's finest.

Granted they probably have the last laugh when they're coming away with a load of money but still...
Crimewatch and other things.


Gardai are appealing to the public for any information which may lead to them being able to apprehend a male who is believed to have left swoosh shaped human excrement in a box on the N17 somewhere between Spiddal and Goleen.


Depends.I've made two fleeting nonspeaking appearences on the telly.Seperate docs on the theatre.Both experiences were a bit of an eyeopener in that a lot of scenes you might think would be filmed as they happen were set up for the camera.In the second one a shot of some people walking out a door was done about five times and they used a fog machine.

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