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We had lads spitting fire here last week about some fella who waltzed into a “Ukrainian only”
Shop and had it shut down for no other reason that he was a bully, a xenophobe and a total scumbag devoid of compassion.

Sandwiching that case we have people championing some Christian fundamentalist for not showing compassion to one person who would have felt more comfortable being referred to in a chosen way.

As hard as I find the trans hard to understand at times, I don’t find compassion in humanity a difficult concept. This lad is doing the same as the Ukrainian shop fella last week. Bullying a weaker member of society.

If Joan wants to be John or vice versa and you don’t agree with that then fair enough. But if Joan or john is a child and they’re asking you for a small hand in navigating their own inner turmoil then fuck you if you spit in their face.

Lots of edits there. My phone/ the site is fucked.
Bar my own, this is one of the best posts on this thread, fair play Duke_y
I’m not sure if I like this idea of indefinite detention until he purges his contempt.

It kind of makes a martyr out of him and creates propaganda for his “cause.”

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