Wimbledon 22


Poster of Savage Greatness.
Djokovic looked fresh as a daisy after his 5 setter. Nadal with all of his injuries defies belief, that he's halfway towards a grand slam this year.

Perhaps it's the technology, the modern tennis racket, that's continuing to keep these lads as the top dogs.
Fed gave him a back ball roller, that's the key :ROFLMAO:

Donald Trump

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You can call me a cynic but what the GOATs are doing at the moment simply stretches credulity to breaking point.

There is no way that a 35 or a 36 year should be outperforming a 22-28 year old over a 5 set game.
If they were winning the odd slam now and again you'd believe it. But completely dominating the way they are?

Get to fuck.

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