Who'll win John Allen or Bilbo Baggins

Lim are 8/11 favourites....

I think Clare will provide a better challenge than those odds indicate.

And you may put down Davy, but he'll be a 16th man on the field for Clare.
Be more concerned about our own players coming through the day unscathed than what happens at croker.

There's positives and negatives about playing either.
That was a great performance by Clare but there's no doubt that the hype did get to Limerick.Oh well i guess it was just another bad day at Croke Park for the self proclaimed sporting capital of Ireland!There's a Clare lad on another site calling Limerick the pants sh!tters and while that might be a harsh description he's not too far off!Oh well Henry Martin might have to write another book about today.
That would be true. I think John Allen seems a nice guy but the players will take a lot of the blame too. Clare will probably test Cork more then Limerick but Cork will try get one of their lads sent off & its game over again
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