What was your first guitar?

The thread about crowleys got me thinking about when I started playing - what were other musically inclined proccers first guitars?

I played my auldfellas acoustic originally, a lovely Yamaha that he still has, must be nearly 40 years old at this stage, lovely rich tone and still my favourite acoustic to play.
First electric was a white squier start with a rosewood neck when I was about 16 or so, a peavey rage 158 15W amp to accompany it. Simple times.
An electric Squire. Great sound.

A big advantage was that I could learn with headphones and not annoy anyone with my "learner" playing....
Tanglewood cutaway semi-acoustic.

I say first guitar, I mean only. I've only been playing seven months.

I'd love to get an electric, but I should probably stick with this for a while yet

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