What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

I actually know a sociopath. Can't imagine him killing anyone but stranger things have happened

Went downhill after season 2....

But I digress...Actually sociopathy and psychopathy aren't used by shrinks anymore.
These days they're known as either anti-social personality disorder or narcacisstic personality disorder.

Trust me, there are a lot more around than you think. We all know quite a few.
i was thinking the same "here's that langer again"
He makes good money by getting jobs acting like a complete langball lol.

Was watching The hitchhiker with a hatchet on Netflix last night. Another absolute cunt.
They could swap his role with Iain Glen for a bit of a change up. Too lazy for that.

The Mrs is into it so we'll see how it goes.
I'm about the same.
The episode after the girlfriends brother and the door. Stalled there because I'm watching over 10 things at once and wanted to save it.
I've a rake of stuff I'm watching on my own which takes me forever to get through. I'm only about 3 episodes into the third season of the Expanse for the same reason.

Watching the leftovers, only about 3 episodes in. Hard going but heard it improves so may stick with it.

Started the last of us last night, good solid start so will persist.

Sorry now I didn't watch it with the wife because she might have liked it and I would have it finished then.

Watched S1 of The Leftovers and one episode of S2.

Havn't gone back to it since.

I hate that Dermot Bannon show. Hes a right c*nt
TLOU Epi 2

Another great episode. They've really done a great job on realising the world. And the fact that its on weekly is a bonus.
It's getting great reviews alright.

Would be my cup of Earl Grey usually, but might give this a go. The weekly thing is a bonus too.

I'm loath to start watching something 5 seasons in and be doing the just one more episode at 1 am nowadays.
Enjoying it as well, however it is pretty much fungi zombies, especially since they deviated from the video game and it's not airborn.

Em, the opening twenty of the first episode and the first ten mins of the second were good.

Most of episode two was just like watching someone play a stage of a computer game. Boring.
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