What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

KaDeWe, set in Berlin in the 20s. For some reason, probably down to budget, no effort is made to hide the fact that vehicles and streetscapes in the background are contemporary, making the actors look like they're in fancy dress. Turned off after ten minutes.
Miles ahead of me, stuck half way through season 2 because of the volume of series(over 10) I'm trying to get through at the moment.
Not surprised it's consistent tbphwy. Best sci-fi I've watched in years.

Binged the shit out of it over the last fortnight.

Finished it last night. Its up there with the best sci fi ever tbh. I'd have it well ahead of Battlestar and its certainly on a par with the best of Trek.

Holden is a bit of an annoying bollocks at times but thats the character. Amos, Bobbie, The president wan, Drummer ,Miller all top characters.

Ive downloaded the final three books as I want to see what happens. Mad that Amazon didn't renew it. Best thing I've watched in years.
Interview With the Vampire

Based on the novels by Anne Rice and already turned into a surprisingly good movie with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in 1994, Interview with the Vampire is AMCs attempt to bring to the small screen this adaptation.

The first two episodes are out already and with Anne Rice herself as one of the 'executive producers' let's hope it doesn't stray too far down the 'woke' path, wasn't too bad, I'll keep watching it, for the moment just based on the first two, 5/10

Nice cast and first few episodes are funny enough.

Nice cast and first few episodes are funny enough.

Looks alright. Will give it a lash.
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