what book you reading at the moment? (incl poll)

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There are ways of getting ebooks without supporting bezos. You're not tied to Amazon with a Kindle.

Also, there are ways of procuring said ebooks on the seven seas (yearrrrrrrrr m80)
Yes, I would prefer not to give Bexos money.

But I would like to support the author. A lot of time and effort goes into writing a book. If no one buys it, the authors will stop writing.
Last few weeks I've started reading again. Mostly popular fiction, tbh. A lookalike Normal People about a wan from Kildare who goes to Trinity. Afterlives by a Tanzanian lad, Gurnah. (Really liked that one) and Tatty a child narrator one about family life and issues. Sure, they keep me out of the pub and the bookies. Unlike the male protagonist of Tatty.
Just finished ' LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY' by Bonnie Garmus. It's kinda quirky and offbeat. It wasn't. Complete page turner for me , but I enjoyed it well enough.

Just started ' FORTUNES ROCKS' by Anita Shreves. Not sure yet as I have just started but it's holding my interest so far. It's actually beautifully written , That I can say. Her prose is a joy and if the story holds out it just might be a winner for me.
Just finished reading a bk serious about the Coming of the Third Reich, The Third Reich in Power and The Third Reich at war. Excellent bks if a bit grim. Now I am on to a Japanese invasion of China bk. Enjoying it so far.
The Complete Stone Roses
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