United Ireland

I spent the summer there. Certainly an eye opener!!
Never seen so many Union Jacks flying proud in most north Antrim villages and towns. Made me feel very uncomfortable!
Negotiations will only begin if EVERYTHING is up for negotiation.
One thing for sure it’s not just a matter of joining the ROI.
The flag and anthem will change, the new country would probably be just called Ireland.
Where will the capital be? Dublin, Belfast or even Cork.
That’s just scratching the surface.
What else is up for grabs???

It’s not on the radar for the average Joe ‘back on the mainland’.
Irish / British history wasn’t on the curricula, might be now.
History lessons focussed on the victorious and triumphs, on the Industrial Revolution with WW1 and WW2 thrown in for good measure.
I don’t blame the British public for their ignorance, more due to the lack of diversity in the educational system.

Point highlighted by the history lesson administered by Geordan Murphy to the England rugby team prior to the Croke Park match in 2007.
It is in some schools. I know a girl in a school who told me that 20% of her history studis is based on Irish history and the Troubles. She hates Thatcher. Fair going for an 18 y.o daughter of a second generation Irish mother.
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