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Decent runs I reckon from TimeO and the Terrier. Won't spoil their parties by putting the results up here but for two lads not at 100% they will be happy I take it. Don't know many other real life names that I can check! Well impressed with speed of results online, btw.
1:28:4x for me - happy with that. Wind was a factor on the straight road for sure and it was otherwise fairly miserable with some solid downpours. No major pyrotechnics from me - solid in the low to mid 6:40s all the way - was happy enough to see the finish line! Cheers to Smurf for the shout out at the five mile marker - ever-controversial, he set up his cheering zone directly outside the charred remains of the Manhattan 🔥

Think I got the silver in the AG - some feen did 1:23 which is well faster than me at my best so good luck to him 👍

Met a reasonably satisfied timeout afterwards- he did a pretty good time for lad with a banjaxed arse!
Well done on the age category silver, Martin, that some going.
1:22:30 by my watch for today. Somewhat bittersweet as I equalled my Pb (3rd time doing exactly the same time) but would have been nice to have improved on the time. Was going well until Farranlea road but faded a bit then. Back to the hamstring strengthening exercises for a bit now before deciding on the next challenge…definitely some unfinished business over the half marathon distance though (and no renewed enthusiasm to target a full!).
Thanks for the shout-out Smurf…hope the Achilles is coming good


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Headed over to city hall yesterday to collect race numbers for my clubmates, great buzz there, I will
be at mile 19 tomorrow wearing an I shot Jr tee shirt,
Looking good!!!!


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Great running, well done lads

Thoroughly enjoyed the run. Weather was miserable but the atmosphere was great. Nice to bump into a few fellas I haven't seen in years.

The Run was grand 69 something for 10 miles so needle still pointing upwards. Back to a block of training now and another race at end of the summer.

Coughlan's, Douglas St.

7th Oct 2022 @ 7:30 pm
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