Tommy Tiernan on RTE One


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Saw that, it shows how shite the Late Late has gotten when Tiernan is able to get better guests

That clown on the LL couldn't interview people to save his life. Tiernan is superb and the fact that he can do it all unscripted, and without even knowing who his guests will be, speaks volumes. I think Tiernan's show is class. The Late Late never recovered from Gay Byrne leaving it. Plank Kenny was wooden and awful but he was so much better than the current guy. I used to look forward to the LLS back in the day. If I've watched even parts of it 10 times in the last 10 years it's a lot - apart from the Toy Show which was a family staple for my kids because it's what my missus and I grew up with coming up to Christmas.


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I can imagine Soundman believing that. He's used to being fed propaganda. But I thought you had more sense Jimbo.

Does anyone else on the PRoC believe everything RTE says?

DUPher, if you think even from those clips that Tommy Tiernan knew his interviewees in advance, then I take it all back - he's not a great interviewer, he's just probably the best actor on the planet. :LOL:

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