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El Guapo

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That was sheer lunacy in the first place. The MMA fighter, the Kiwi weightlifter (who was shite), the footballer in Dublin.
I am for each to their own other but not when it comes to sport and unfair competitive advantages.
I do feel for Semenya though as she was born with her condition.
I used to think so about Semenya, and no doubt the DSD athletes have more to complain about than trans athletes but the fact remains they are disproportionately advantaged by virtue of their condition. In Semenya's (and MBoma's and Nyonsaba's) case they are 46xy dsd so although they dont have a penis neither do they have a Uterus and do have Internal testes and "male" chromosomes and T levels comparable to a man from which they receive a huge sporting advantage. Its a difficult line for them and they can rightly feel agrieved but i do think its fair.

Apparently there are 17 DSD athletes competing at senior level in WA events this rule change is way more significant for DSD than for Trans women in my opinion.

In fairness to Seb Coe he climbed down from his preferred option of allowing inclusion and listened to the athletes.

The dublin footballer can still play and AFAIK so can Laurel Hubbard. These are WA rules. The Ladies football association allow for inclusion of T women as do the IOC

Hank Scorpio

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Who could have guessed that letting violent men into womens prisons would lead to problems? 🙄

You actually had imbeciles here arguing that this wasnt the exact type of thing that would happen.

The laws need to be changed to protect womens spaces, ffs its ridiculous that this is even a discussion.

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