The unpopular opinion thread.

Pre kids myself and my husband went on a shitty package holiday to crete because it was the cheapest way to get there. The place we were staying in was basic but fine. It has the shittiest pool area in the front though. Manky like

There was another couple from Cork staying in the same place and every day they got up, sat by the manky pool (15 min walk from the most beautiful beaches) and drank cans, and every day we got up and went off exploring the island.

We thought they were mad, and we could see that the feeling was mutual ;-)
Exploring sounds much more fun especially without kids. 😀 I haven’t been on a sun holiday since I was 15 and chances are I won’t be on one again until my small lad is a bit older.
I find that depends hugely on the day job tbh.

From my own circle of friends, the office jockeys tend to want the activity based holidays due to the sedentary nature of the job while the farmers/tradesmen have no bother resting up and sitting in an all inclusive resort with the kids occupied in a pool or waterpark all day.
That’s a very good point in fairness.
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