The Trains

I used have to travel to Dublin for work previously. Usually went City Gold or whatever its called. Not really much better than normal carriages save the fact less chances of a load of sucks in your vicinity.

I missed being able to open a window, even between carriages.

Memories of smoking out the window in the area between carriages on the way to 5 nations games, keeping sketch for the ticket inspector of one of our fathers coming.

Shows how naieve we were believing our fathers didn't know what we were up to 🤣.
I went interrailing in the early naughties and some of the trains I was in looked similar.
I had one of the best months in my life. However I heard Inter railing these days has gone to shit.

I went interailing in 2009, did 17 countries in a month. The lads in Eastern Europe couldn't give a fuck. I still have my interrail ticket and it has a mark on it from when a ticket inspector in Macedonia was looking at it on the train while having a fag and the ash fell down onto my ticket

Bought my ticket in the old USIT office across from the Brog, good memories. I flew to Munich and worked my way down through the Balkans down to Greece, and then came back up through Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine etc and flew back to Cork from Munich a month later.
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Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.

4th Dec 2023 @ 8:15 pm
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