The Premier League Thread 23/24

He's played a blinder this season. Really has. Nice on a personal level for him to return to the PL and show he's a good manager. Brave move.

Come the summer, will Villa invest & try to push on? May well be determined largely by whether they can grab that 4th CL spot.
Yerrah, shur there isn't a raging Bullock in Shneem that could shtop them now.

Seriously though, my honest opinion is that they'll do it. Spurs still to play the big three, plus Chelsea away. They'll need to pick up a win or two from the big games.
I'm in the unenviable position, this midweek, of hoping the SMCs win and that arsenal lose. All because of a last man standing competition in work.
Ye made me sweat, but fair play, got there in the end. Arsenal let me down though, so have to pick between last 2 teams now - Luton and sheff utd.

Now let's never speak of this again.
Just noticed Villa threw a two goal lead away last night. In Spurs own hands now.
Very much so. It's interesting now anyway.

Villa have Brighton & Palace away, Liverpool at home, while attempting to wrap up a European adventure.

Spurs have Arsenal, Burnley & City at home, Chelsea, Lolpool & Sheffield Utd away. This coming week is huge. Probably need minimum of six points from Bumnal, Chelsea & Liverpool, then another seven from the remaining three games. Very tough ask, and 73 points would still require Villa to drop points in two of their three games, but I'm not going full on Shneem yet.

This is big “if” properly policed.

No surprises City were against it the cheating fucks.

United need to spend another fortune to compete and this might clip their wings a bit. Disastrous timing for them.

Villa are off their boxes to vote with City/United..

The big European clubs will be delighted with this outcome.

Manchester United appear to have you locked in a vicelike psychological grip .

Far be it from me to play armchair therapist but it would appear their near total dominance of English football throughout your formative years has left permanent scarring of your psche.

Seek professional help or at the very least stop being such a stupid Scouse bastard.

Its only agreed in principle and will go to their AGM

The PFA will never agree to it as it could very likely lead to a wage cap.

Stop taking the click bait m8
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