The Old College Bar.


It was a shadow of its former glory tbh.
It was so crazy for drugs in the early nineties thats why they had to put someone on the door to stop non college people from selling and taking drugs up there. The smell of hash would hit you as you walked in the door. Youd often see people tripping or E-ing up there.

By the way did you hear it closed down?

Yes I did. And i know the guy they had bouncing - the late Gerry Coughlan. He was then put behind the bar. Legendary bloke.
In 1997 when I was first up there there used be lads sitting under the table skinning up and just passing joints around.
I was off my nut on yokes there myself a load of times. Absolutely out of my box.
They used have a huge TV up there when there was no big TVs around.
I remember just watching music videos there in the late 90s. Run DMC "it's like that" etc.
Place was a kip though. Not sure I'd want to keep a bit of the floor boards
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