The Official Tennis Thread

Zzzzzzzzz, what's your point kid?

No idea & I couldn't care less after his (and his entourage) carry on....whilst i think it is moronic not to get vax'd, it's his personal choice but the fact he either lied (about having Covid in December) or just acted recklessly (attending gigs while being positive and being aware of it) is indefensible

Back to actual tennis, delighted for Monfils, like i was saying, looking forward to that game, think Berrettini should beat him but who knows...there'll be entertainment and outrageous shots/rallies, just like in any tie involving Monfils

Cornet is in the 1/4 too after beating Halep, her 1st in a GS

Tsitsipas having to work hard vs Fritz right now

2 sets to 1 down now

The Lee Sessions Trad Trail
Franciscan Well Brew Pub, North Mall

14th Jun 2022 @ 7:30 pm
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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

The Everyman, Today @ 7:30pm

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