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I can get over him not being vaccinated as it is a choice even though I don’t agree with him - but once you make that call you have to accept the consequences which is where this egomaniac has decided he is above all of that

The Aussie minister can deport him if he feels that he is a risk to public safety/health. He has proven that he is without doubt

Apparently a decision on #Djokovic's fate has been made this afternoon and is set to be announced tomorrow. By all reports, it's not good news for the 20-time Grand Slam winner and super spreader..
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John and Mary looking for Shez et moi like



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I'm beginning to think that the Aussies are going to bottle this. It's a really unpopular government and they seem to constantly misstep, so I can't see them passing up the opportunity to make an even bigger horlicks of this than they already have.

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