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Ronnie O'Sullivan describes Ali Carter as nightmare as feud continues​

Ronnie O'Sullivan described Ali Carter as "a f****** nightmare" and claimed he needs to "see a counsellor" after beating his bitter rival in Sunday’s Masters final.

O’Sullivan hit back in an explosive verbal assault on Carter, who claimed the world number one had "snotted on the floor" during their match at Alexandra Palace, which the world number one won 10-7.

"He needs to sort his f*****g life out," O’Sullivan told several newspapers. "I’m not going to skirt around it anymore, tip-toeing on eggshells around someone like that. He’s a f*****g nightmare.

"Playing snooker against someone like that is a nightmare. He’s not a nice person. It’s not a nice vibe he leaves around the table.

"I’ve said my piece, I don’t give a s**t. I’ve said it now, done. You know what he’s like, everybody knows what he’s like.

"He’s got issues. F*****g why has he got issues with me? I’m not having it."

The 48-year-old added: "He’s got beef with me. He’s got issues, he’s got to sort his life out, he’s got to see a counsellor or something. He’s got to sort it out because I haven’t spoken to him for 20 years."

The pair’s long-running heated rivalry boiled over during their match at the 2018 World Championship at the Crucible when O’Sullivan barged into Carter at the table.

At Alexandra Palace on Sunday, Carter had a heated exchange with someone in the crowd, who had called out when he was about to take a shot.

Carter, 44, said: "There were a couple of things that happened out there that go unnoticed. Well, they don’t go unnoticed – anyone with an eyesight or a brain can see what’s going on.

"It’s disgusting quite frankly. No one wants to say anything, do they? (O’Sullivan) snotting all over the floor and all that.

"I mean it’s outrageous behaviour from a top professional. If it gets swept under the carpet then for me, it’s not good."

O’Sullivan is currently involved in a disciplinary dispute with the game’s governing body, World Snooker Tour, over comments he made about unsanctioned exhibition matches.

The World Snooker Tour said that O'Sullivan’s outburst "was under review" and refused to comment further.
this carter/ronnie drama is good fun. you'd half wonder if it isn't conconted to get a bit of media coverage/attention.

Addressing O'Sullivan's comments, Carter said: "Ronnie's entitled to his opinion of me. I just said what it is and how it was and I talk facts. Angry about what? No. Yeah, it makes no difference to me what he says.

"He says different things on different days, I don't think he even knows what's going to come out of his mouth at certain times. I actually feel a bit sorry for him. I don't think he's that well, mentally. We move forward and we go again this week."
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