The Official PROC Restaurant review thread.

Dinner in Wabisabi last night. First time that I've ever been in there.

Very tasty ramen bowls - plenty of depth to the flavour. Good service. Can't say much about the surroundings it was all beauty-board veneer and a 70's carpet (could have done with a clean) on a stairs that led fuck knows where.

Chicken gyoza (6) to share.
Chasumen Ramen Bowl (pork belly) x 1
Spicy Kimchi Seafood Ramen Bowl x 1
Ashasi Extra Dry x 2 bottles (330ml)

€51.50 rounded to €62 to include tip.

Very decent - I've had varying results from Miyazaki recently.

Wabisabi was as good as my last few orders from Miyazaki.
Tommy Gould is outraged that Ichie Igie bistro isn't relocating to the northside.

'Its an outrage that the ordinary people of the northside have to walk 20 mins for their dinner'.

It's an outrage that no restaurants on the northside have a Michelin star

Well Tommy a chipper in between a pub and a bookies isn't really what the Michelin judges are into
The Woodford 9/10

Went to the Woodward last week with a few work colleagues for a bite and a few pints, couldn't believe how good the food was.

I had a gorgeous lamb shank falling of the bone in a really nice red wine jus, served with well cooked fresh veg and mash, followed by a tiramisu washed down with a few pints of Peroni.

Staff were very helpful and friendly, all in all a great experience and I'll be going back soon. Work footed the bill so I can't remember how much it cost but I believe it was good value for quality served up.

It's simple casual dining but done right with good produce by chefs who know what they are doing, would recommend.
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27th Jul 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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