The Official PROC Restaurant review thread.

Went to Elbow Lane for a revisit the other night. Overall very enjoyable.

Wine wasn't great. A screw-top French Malbec (2021 - year of vintage most definitely not mentioned on the wine list)- at 40 quid a bottle you'd be expecting something more than passable! Meh.

The beer (the stuff they brew themselves) beer was utter rubbish - it has never been good though so more fool me for giving it a 5th or 6th chance.

I have to say that, yet again, it was excellent in terms of service, food and cocktails. The starters, mains, sides were all fantastic. I don't eat dessert but everyone else was raving about theirs.

And the lady who served us was great craic, super professional and on the game.
Did she present you with her personal itemised menu?
I've mentioned this particular bottle over in The Wine Thread.

Mad Hairy Fella or El Goru from Ego Bodegas. It's not rebranded - that's their flagship red wine.

The 2019 is sumptuous - pours almost like jet-black ink. The 2020 is pretty solid as well. It's consistently in the top 10 in Curious Wines on the Tramore Road. About €15 a bottle but they do a region sale every month or so where there's 20% off all bottles from that country.

When Spain is on it you can get El Goru for about €12 and its big brother, the monster - El Goru 38 Barrels for a very reasonable price.

I’m no millionaire but it would be well worth the 15. Thanks for the info, mate.
Ivory Tower did the same. Anything Seamus seen in the market was the menu.
He would never have satisfied the Michelin’s crowd pernickety snobbishness. Too much of a loose cannon and not fond of rules; this meant he churned out unreal food but then the flip side was the refusal to install another sink which led to a lot of grief.

New Michelin star restaurants in Ireland

This one sounds like a place owned by, run by and frequented by utter cnuts.
The fella who owns the building the Bishop’s Buttery is in has been repeatedly applying for planning to build a hotel up on the side of the Rock of Cashel, unlikely he’ll get it though.
I met Seamus in the Crane one night with the bassist from the Darkness. His brother lives over by Douglas Street and yer man comes over a good bit. The Darkness even recorded an album on Valentia Island and played a gig in the pub there.
Went to Iberian way with a few friends. The tapas there are excellent. Big portions: rather than sharing you could get two or three of them (8-12 euro each) as a meal in itself, good craic to share them though once the wine gets flowing. And the wine was truly excellent stuff. Got a bottle called ‘Mad Hairy Fella’ that everyone enjoyed (must be an own label or one adapted for the Irish market as the wine is Spanish)!
when was this? I thought they wer closed for a few weeks..
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