The Official PROC Restaurant review thread.

Personal preference innit!!

Rib eyes more flavour, fillet for tenderness.

Rarely order steak at a restaurant. Buy a decent heavy pan and get decent cut at local butcher's and you can do great steak at home for fraction of the price. Nothing to it.
yep - I couldn't tell you the last time I ordered steak out, its no better than I do myself so i pick something that will be. I put my steaks on the BBQ though, once its ready to blow from the heat you'r ready to go :)

I did rib eyes last weekend actually on charcoal.. cooked it over medium heat with the lid on at first to get the fat threaded through it rendered down and then flamed it to get the colour on the outside.. hard to beat
Best way to cook steak is on a red hot skillet. A fillet, with ome nice steak rub, a bit of olive oil on the steak itself and about 2 minutes each side and seal the edges. Job done, and the nicest you’ll have. Did this on Monday it was bang on.

With my job I end up eating out frequently entertaining (got to be a chore prior to Covid). Market Lane, and indeed Elbow Lane both do nice steaks. I was in Market Lane last Wednesday night, but went for the Mussels to start and Pan Fried Hake for main course. Very nice too, glad I skipped the steak.
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