The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.


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A while back he was getting some stick on twitter and he went and posted his stats.

Then in an interview last year he said he'd had a few bad games but had recovered well and played well from then on.

If he really believes that he's a bellend. The whole hands to the ears thing against who again? Then Keane saying they were told to go easy on him.

Guy has deluded himself into thinking he's Baresi and it's all the others fault. Any time he gives an interview it's clear he doesn't want to. Ten Hag knew he wasn't good enough straight away I'd say. Was only waiting for Varane to get fit.

Oh yeah, and him thinking he and Varane could learn from each other :lol!: Varane with the Four CLs and a world Cup, him with his 4 relagationss. Yeah, it's like Beckenbaur and Bobby Moore comparing comparing notes.

In his slab head at least

Are you bovvered ? You sure are and you can bookmark that :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
"Your job neuuuwww, is tae git behind eur massive heeeeded monstrosity of a centre half captain"


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