The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

Donald Trump

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Yeah I mean if you ignore the bits where they conceded three goals they actually played quite well.
I can't comment.

Watching MOTD between Brighton's 2nd and third goal I was too busy :lol!: to notice.

But on a serious note, the numbers say Liverpool are playing okay in the league. They might be lying a lttle bit, as I think teams now know to attack TAA and he will give it up.

I'd say Brighton could murder Spurs next week if they play like they did yesterday btw.
Is it though?

As a striker you'll press defenders on many occassions in a game. You just need to nick the ball once or twice for it to really pay off.

Brave from Webster & well-executed.
Yeah, its about context and risk. Sarah pressing hard up the pitch to get a nick on a ball and getting side stepped doesn’t leave Liverpool immediately exposed, he‘s always 2nd favourite to those, its what the high press is based on.. but a defender trying it anywhere near their own territory would be rightly questioned

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