the official betting thread.

@Philby Did you back Wilson? If Isak misses more games and Newcastle rout a few more bargain basement sides, the EW part has a great chance I'd say. Probably need Arnie to do a Terminator to stop the cyborg for the win part. be fair he's a regular on the injury table so I knew the risk I was taking

For tonights Darts, in both matches combined

€5 3 bull finishes @ 3.0
€3 4 Bull Finishes @ 7.0
€2 5 Bull Finishes @ 19.0
€1 6 bull Finishes @ 67.0
€1 7 Bull Finishes @ 151.0

All Sky bet

Hoping for at least two in each game, which over a possible 62 legs they should get plenty of shots at the 81 to 90, and 121 to 130 finishes the pros are very capable of.

Of course there's the 161 to 170 shots too, but there much less common obviously. But 1.5 each game and I've a free roll for the rest.
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