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Might be some back to lay options today for golden boot, depending on team news. This market on the exchange is fluctuating wildly whenever a goal goes in. Mbappe went from 10/1 to 5/1 after his goal went in last night.

Batshuayi @ 75

Gnabry @ 60
Musiala @ 50

Ferran Torres @ 85
Fati @ 180 (big...if he starts)

What did I do?

Backed the other 4 and not Ferran Torres (...who has come in from 85.0 to 15.5) :LOL:

On the latest Bookie Bashing episode he's talking about a potential angle around "penalty to be awarded" being value - given matches are lasting so much longer & the revised guidance on grappling at corners etc.

Apparently some sharp better reckon the market should be almost odds-on in this world up. 8 of the 12 games so far have had a pen

Above are the odds for a pen in all 4 games today.

Donald Trump

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Not my bet lads, but on a podcast Mark Stinchcombe put up Neymar to score and be booked.

Was about 9.5 ish yesterday with 365, and is worth 5 yoyos imo.

That's probably 35 English pounds these days Phil?

Rory Butler
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23rd Apr 2023 @ 7:30 pm
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