the official betting thread.

The bookies must think the EPL are going to do some thing to Citeh :ROFLMAO:
Relegation odds
Actually, I think I'm getting you now.

You want to know how much the success/failure of your betting system(s) are down to variance, is it??
That's it. Much better use of words than long ass winded version
Yeah, came across that yesterday, but was looking for a simpler one! I'll try that though.
Darts premier league semi finals and final tonight

Littler v Smith
Humphries V MVG

MVG, Smith to win double is 8.9 with AK Bets. I wouldn't be going crazy or anything, but worth a small bet imo.

If this was the 2023 semi final and MVG and Smith were in them, you'd have been lucky to get 2/1, 9/4 no matter who they were playing I'd say.
Specials so far.

2/1 Both teams to score, Boyles (shop only I think, but massive value )
Foden SOT 2.0, paddy in shop again. Usually wary of these types of player bet, but surely Foden is nailed on to start?
Paddy, do one €5 bet builder, get another free
Betfair Sportsbook, Bruno to commit one foul, and to be fouled 2/1 (instinct tells me this value, but I'm not certain)

Betfred are top price on City guaranteed. So while most bookies are going 1.3, Fred is going 1.33.

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