The Official Athletics Thread

Nadia Power came 3rd in the test event over 2k on the XC course and beat Hartigan so at least she's fit.

Teams being selected all over.

Jacob vs Mo Katir vs Crippa in the senior

Norway also picked Henrick and Filip. It'd be good to see the lads back fit. Henrick had surgery on a dodgy toe last year and Filip was mostly pacing Jacob but won it in 2018

Grovedahl is back to defend her title in the womens race.

Brits taking Emile Cairess last seen beimg beaten by McEllhenny in the city sports.

1500m guy Matt Stonier got picked in the u23 which is impressive for a miler.

U20 mens race looking stacked. It'll be hard for Griggs and Casey. Gold (axel Vang Christianson Denmark), Silver (Rabi from Norway) and Bronze (Lillessol Denmark) as well as Niel Laros the fella who keeps taking Jacobs age grade records are in

Megan Keith from Scotland will be defending champ for Healy to take down looked great finishing 2nd at brit trials.
Caught a few of the races. Very enjoyable, though I missed the Senior Women which sounds like a cracking race. The Germans, 2, 3, 4 and 6!! Christ. Great bronze for us. Did the Cork lad have a fall or something in the U23? Finished well done, for him.
That Lynch lad moved up well. was about 20th at one stage, 14th I believe at the end. No team though.
Yeah, well done him for sure - Fay will be disappointed though .
Top analysis as usual on RTÉ - their athletics panellists are always brilliant. Catherina McKiernan reckoned the course was highly specialised and that some folks with aspirations towards a decent showing would have been badly caught out by the hills and the ramps.
Nice interview with Griggs and Casey too - top lads.
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