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Lausanne Diamond league tonight.

There is only one round between thisband the final so the stars are out to make soeme cash and ensure they get to Zurich.

Decent matchups all over here. Womens 100m has the full complement. Mens 110h is a nice world champ vs olympic champ/US vs Jam that we havent seen much of

Hassan vs Muir in the 3k

Bol vs Dalilah Muhammad in the 400h

The pick is the 1500m. All the big dogs fighing for bragging rights but the champ ain't there


El Guapo

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The 3k was good. Brilliant from Alicia Monson. Pity she was pipped.

A lot of the middle distance runners look tired.

The DSD athletes can't be banned soon enough. They seem way more prominent than 5 years ago
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There is a good slate of races for the last regular season DL tonight in Brussels.

Ciara Mageean going in whats looking like a fast 1500m. Muir and Welteji will be going for the win. The Americans Sinclare Johnson and Heather McClean are going well sub 4 all summer. So if Ciara is pushing it with them the NR could be under threat.

The 5k looks good too. Grant Fisher has been running great all summer just out of the medals. American record here maybe?

Sha'Carri is back. Yawn. She beat ETH into a headwind last week in Lucerne. I'll say she wont break 11 today. Sarah Lavin had a great win in the hurdles at the same meet.

Whiteman needs points in the 800m to make zurich so overall it should be entertaining.


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Meh, that's where Sha Carri is. 5th I think. Not in the seriously heavy lifters group. That would've been a strong semi in Worlds or Olympics. She'd be doing well to make Final. Looking forward to the real races starting soon 😉

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