The Official Athletics Thread

LOL, I've been away living in a tent the week of Ireland's best athletics meet in a very long time. Two medallists, a host of finals, PB;'s, national records and loads of new emerging talent being shown how to do it by the old-timers. From 100m to 10,000m, there's hope all the way through.

I've been stuck to YouTube all day catching up. Epic stuff.

Delighted for English and Mageean - what superb tactical races they ran - both very focused on the favourites in their races and the tactics those favourites were likely to employ. Real effort and real racing intelligence from them both, they make you proud to be Irish.

Steel Panther
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

26th May 2023 @ 7:00 pm
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Róisín O’Sullivan: I See Skies

Triskel Arts Centre, Tomorrow @ 11am

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