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This was supposed to be in back in Feb in Croatia but there was hassle with the organising committee so it got taken off them and moved to Belgrade end of March.

It completely fucked the calender, people are starting into their block of training for European outdoors/US Trials or running the last of spring marathons

World cross is the greatest footrace in the world but it'll be a shadow of itself this year.

Apparently Siffan Hassan is running it though. She'll be up against a great crop of Kenyans off not a pile of recovery post Tokyo Agnes Ngetich, Beatrice Chebet and that wan Anyango.
Funny weekend in the calendar. It's about as in between two stools as it gets. But there are a few odds and sods around.

"The Ten" is a big race in the states. All the US big guns trying to knock out the Olympic standard for the 10,000m, sub 27 mins. Big TT really, Grant Fisher i would expect to win it. Nico Young won 3k and 5k doubles at NCAA indoors last week is chasing it. it would be super impressive if he gets there. Otherwise its a "show me something" race for Woody, Joe Klecker and Abdi Nur who have uniformly underperformed this year. Klecker particularly has stank out the joint. Monson will walk the womens.

Kejelcha and Cheptagai are also going head to head for 10k on the roads in Spain. I presume that'll be streamed.

Most craic for the weekend will undoubtedly be the podium 5k in Leicester. Sport are the race promotors and they've gotten all the big brands on board for a proxy war. They are paying out decent wedge and the stream is free. They are running on a 1k cycling looped track so it'll be fast.

Lineup is almost unbelievable in its diversity.

Jake Wightman - 1500m world champ

Ben Pattison - 800m world bronze medallist

Axel Veng Christensen - Euro u20 XC champion

Callum Hawkins - twice 4th place at world champs marathon

Alex Yee - olympic medallist in the triathlon

Nick Griggs - 3000m u20 European champ

Hagos Gebhriwet - world and olympic medallist with a 12:42 PB

You'd imagine Gebhriwet should win but who knows who is taking it seriously and who is doing it as a hard session
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Good world cross preview

its still the greatest footrace on earth for my money, even if its lacking some depth, the European federations need to take a long look at themselves not entering full teams for a European hosted race, Olympics or no Olympics.

Last year at Bathurst was class. Letesenbet Gidet get the wobbles 200m from the line and hit the deck with the gold in her hand.
Every athlete interview they say how bloody hard it is so there will be fireworks.

Hard to look past Kiplimo on the mens side and Chebet for the women

The Irish have 2 in each race, Hugh Armstrong and Keelan Kilrehill for the men, Danielle Donegan and Enniskeane's own Fiona Everard for the women.

Only 2 each for the U20s too. we really should be sending full teams here at least. Most countries our size are.

Its all on Virgin media from 10:00 till 13:20 on Saturday
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