The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

Pfft, farmers league innit?
You're still upset about ManYoo signing a Bayern reject m8?

Talking of farmers league, can we try to define what a farmer league is?

I mean, if the PL is the benchmark, all the other leagues must be farmers leagues in comparison, right?

La Liga maybe can be considered a Glorified Farmers League?
nah m8, Bundesliga is about the same level as Ligue 1 these days, there's not much between them...same with Serie A...PL's hoovering pretty much every good players in Europe...there are just a few aristocratic clubs left on the continent that continue to attract top talent....

Don't think I'd agree with that.

France have 1 team who would be seen as credible CL quarter final candidates - QSG.

Germany & Italy each have ~3-4.

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