The NME top 500 songs of all time

Here's there top 8

1. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Sprit
2. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us
3. Donna Summer - I Feel Love
4. Smiths - How Soon
5. Strokes - LastNite
6. Pulp - Common People
7. Arctic Monkeys - Dancefloor
8. New Order - BlueMonday

have visions of retired NME journalists , voting Tory, or something.. unbelievable. the ENTIRE house music revolution from 1988 to 2014 is completely ignored..
equally i wouldn't expect mixmag or one of them dj mags to have too much indepth knowledge on country music or, say, post-rock

horses for courses, innit

so much music around it'd be next to impossible for anyone to know everything about all genres
Donna summer at number 3 - the first major electronic dance record

New Order at number 8, again a hugely influential dance record
The nme was a grand read before it started putting mediocre bands on the cover trying to scoup the next big thing bullcrap. Off hand I recall poo bands like terris, campeg velocet, gay dad. Alfie etc.
These days its the bloggers that do this. Your man nialler a prime example. Leads the way in promoting a lot of bland, scenester "I heard this band first" crapology.
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